Auto Transportation

Nationwide Auto Delivery: sedans, sports cars, exotic vehicles, luxury vehicles, trucks, pickups, SUVs, minivans, and large vans.

Door-to-door service: automotive transport includes pickup and delivery of all vehicles.

CC Auto Shipping Locations:

We cover all fifty states. No matter where you’re moving domestically, you can take advantage of the speedy, affordable vehicle transportation services offered by Car Coach. Outside the US, Car Coach is pleased to offer international shipping as well. No matter where you’re headed, and no matter what you’re shipping, we can handle your vehicle transport.

Door-to-Door Open Transport:

As our most popular services, this is also our most affordable and efficient. Vehicles shipped via Open Transport typically travel in double-decker transport trucks, like the ones auto dealers use to transport vehicles via interstate.

Door-to-Door Enclosed Transport:

Clients with a higher-caliber vehicle, such as expensive luxury or classic cars, may wish to choose to pay a little more for the benefit of an enclosed truck. Enclosed transport vehicles offer more protection when it comes to potential damage from weather, road conditions, or other hazards.

Automotive Transport Insurance

Every single vehicle Car Coach transports is covered by at least $750,000 of insurance coverage; this is a requirement for every carrier in our network. Knowing this, you can spend your time focused on your move, instead of worrying about your vehicle while it’s in transit.

Licensure and Bonding

CC Auto Shipping Company is fully licensed and bonded, in accordance with regulations of the US Transportation Department (License Number MC 661462).



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