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Whether you’re moving across the country, or shipping your bike ahead to a vacation, Car Coach can safely transport your motorcycle..

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Welcome to CC Auto Shipping Company New York

You can move your car, truck, boat, or RV with one call, no matter how far you’re going.  Since 1985, Car Coach has been the service of choice for thousands of clients to move their vehicles safely and efficiently. With simple scheduling, real-time vehicle tracking, round-the-clock customer service, and full insurance, Car Coach is the clear choice to transport your vehicle affordably and effectively.

Each vehicle moved by Car Coach is scheduled by efficient customer service reps and cared for by seasoned professionals. Insurance, forms, vehicle prep, and special requests can all be handled by phone or email at your convenience. With professional expertise in logistics, our schedulers minimize your expense with their careful scheduling, and our drivers look after each vehicle in their care as if it belonged to them personally.

Excellent Service: The Car Coach Calling Card

New York customers will enjoy these Car Coach advantages:

Email or phone quotes are always free.
Ordering is simple, efficient, and can be done in whichever method you prefer.
We offer both open and closed carriers, letting you choose the appropriate level of security for your vehicle.
We transport each domestic vehicle door-to-door.
Our licensed, bonded, insured carriers operate in all fifty US states.

Vehicle Tracking and Security

Each customer can keep track of their vehicle at any moment of any day, using our real-time tracking service. Car Coach drivers are professionally vetted and carefully trained for all situations; neither weather nor highway conditions will take them by surprise. Each carrier in our network carefully follows all local, state, and federal laws while transporting each vehicle.

With satisfied clients in both the private, corporate, and government sectors, Car Coach is the clear choice for your vehicle transport needs

Nationwide Auto Delivery: sedans, sports cars, exotic vehicles, luxury vehicles, trucks, pickups, SUVs, minivans, and large vans..

Did you know Car Coach moves more than just cars? That’s right; we also have experience transporting boats nationwide.

CC Auto Shipping provides safety and security for each customer’s vehicle. Whether it’s for a few months or a few days, 

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